XIX Anchovy's Route

Cruise Social regatta 2017-2018

Type: Social Regatta
Modality: Cruise Sailing
Place: Sailing School
Class: RI and Rally

Cruise Sailing Regatta that pretends gather L'Escala port users and proximities to foment the cruise sailing navigation. If you have a cruise sailing boat come and participate, if not subscribe yourself on Guided Routes and come to sailing with us, you will enjoy it!

Information from XIX Anchovy's Route


  • Present insurance
  • Rating certificate RI or in case you don't have it, the organisation will estimate one. 
  • Get ready to enjoy the sea!

Calendario de XIX Anchovy's Route

  • Until 11.00 participants registration in the sport office. 
  • 11:oo Shipowner's meeting, room 1 Sailing School.
  • 12.00 Beginning of Regatta
  • Competitors lunch after the regatta , information  on the shipowner's meeting. 

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