A year to enjoy sports at sea

  • 10/February/2020
  • Category: Sports

What’s new in the fleet

This year we will be launching a Big SUP board, which is a stand up paddle that can be used by several people at the same time.  It’s the perfect solution so that you and your family or friends can all paddle together.

We will also be replacing two older sailing dinghies with new Laser type dinghies, probably the most popular boats in the Club.

We can highlight the imminent arrival of a 27-foot Menorca-style motorboat, a sailing classic in l’Escala, with which you will be able to explore the more intimate nooks and crannies of the Costa Brava thanks to its quiet and authentic navigation.

All of these services are available to users and members; contact us to find out how to access them!

Premium Subscription

One of the most important new features this season is the new Premium Subscription, which gives you access to all the boats available in the Sports Area, from kayaks to sailing dinghies and J70 sailboats and even a motorboat.

Find out how to access this new Club service!

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26.7º C

Vent: 184 S 12.5Kts, 23.5 Max

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