Cetaceans watching

albirament de cetacis
albirament de cetacis
  • 28/April/2021
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Did you know that spring is a very good time of year to spot cetaceans? You may already have seen one or you may be able to on one of your next outings. In the spring, these species migrate from the Strait of Gibraltar to the Ligurian Sea off the coast of Genoa.

Dolphins and whales

Common dolphins, listed dolphins and even finback whales, are the most common species that choose the coast of the Montgrí Natural Park and the Bay of Roses to make their long journey, which, if we are lucky, gives us the opportunity to see them. In some cases the dolphins even approach the boat and swim with us for a while.

All of them are protected species to different degrees and as such there are regulations aimed at preserving and improving the current situation of their populations. The law, therefore, establishes a respectful code of conduct so you can enjoy whale watching without endangering specimens:

  • Physical contact between boats or people and the cetacean or group of specimens is forbidden.  
  • In order to avoid collisions, it is recommended that the cruising speed be moderated if you know you are in a place frequented by cetaceans.
  • Feeding or throwing drinks or any kind of substance that could be harmful to them is not permitted.
  • You are not allowed to impede their free movement, interrupt their trajectory, cut them off or cross the cetacean group.
  • It is forbidden to separate or disperse the group of cetaceans.
  • Avoid making loud noises or sounds to try to head them off or attract them.
  • If you find a dead or injured specimen, you must notify Salvament Marítim (sea rescue service) or call 112 as soon as possible.
albirament de cetacis

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