Communiqué No. 2 – COVID-19

2020 - Club Nàutic l'Escala-Creuer
2020 - Club Nàutic l'Escala-Creuer
  • 1/May/2020
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All the information you need to know about the de-escalation of the state of emergency with regard to sports and recreational sailing. We’ll soon be allowed back in the water!

The Club Nàutic l’Escala will keep you up to date with the latest information:

The over 14 year olds and adults can use public roads or spaces to do physical activity. The roads of the port and areas that are not closed off or for the exclusive use of the concessionaire are for public use by pedestrians.

Activities that are allowed:

  • NON-professional practice of any individual sport that does not require contact with third parties. You cannot sail therefore for pure recreation, only for sports purposes.
  • Any individual sport is allowed within the municipality where you reside.
  • Walks around the port, as long as they are no further than 1 km from your home.
  • Go sailing, only individually, with your own non-professional sports boat, complying with the general regulations regarding travel and time slots, if applicable. We remind you that the offices, changing rooms and sailing school warehouse will remain closed during phase 0.
  • It is not possible to use a motor vehicle or public transport to travel to the port to do your sport. Therefore, people will have to get to the port on foot.

Phase 0 – from Monday 4th May

  • Individual sports sailing (non professional) will be allowed in waters belonging to the same municipality where the boat is kept.
  • Owners will also be able to visit their boats to carry out safety and maintenance checks as long as the boat is in the same municipality where the owner resides. In this case, only one person can access the boat to do these checks.
  • The procedures and protocols established by the nautical-sports facilities of the General Secretariat for Sports and Physical Activity of the Generality of Catalonia will be respected at all times.

Phase 1 – from the middle of May (date to be confirmed)

  • People will be able to sail in limited groups, as leisure and sports sailing is considered to be an active tourism and nature activity.
  • There are also geographical limits to the waters of the province where sailing is being done, always maximising the hygiene and safety measures, both in the port facilities where the boat is moored and on the boat itself, as well as on behalf of the users who are going out sailing together.

Phase 2 – from the beginning of June (date to be confirmed)

  • People will be able to sail in larger groups and the sailing area will be extended to the province where the boat is moored.
  • Owners whose boats are moored in a different municipality to their residence, but within the same province, will be able to make visits to do safety and maintenance checks.

Phase 3 – Mid June (date to be confirmed)

  • Full opening. Authorisation of recreational sailing activities without geographical limits. At this point, sailing will be allowed between provinces.

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