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  • 2/June/2021
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We are working at the Club to provide you with increasingly more sustainable facilities and services that allow you to have fun with all the information you need when you are at the port and when you’re going sailing. Want to know about our latest activity?

The Club Nàutic l’Escala has recently completed the installation of a new photovoltaic self-consumption system on the roof of the Club’s administrative headquarters. The Photovoltaic plant consists of 33 solar panels of 15 kilowatts of installed power and offers 495 watts/peak and a total rated power of 16,355 Wp. As a highlight, it also includes an integrated monitoring system that will allow the Club to analyse the time curve of hourly consumption. In this way the Club will be able to improve its energy efficiency and plan future needs for the system.

This installation, which has been carried out with Grupo Novelec and Segetec engineering, represents an estimated 15% saving in the Club’s energy consumption, a figure that could reach 40% in the future.

A more sustainable model

This proposal is part of the Club’s energy transition plan, and in the face of the need to improve the energy efficiency of the premises and evolve towards a more energy-sustainable model, there has been an investment of around 15,000 euros. The medium term goal of the Club is to achieve that 30% of the energy consumed in the port concession comes from its own renewable sources.

In addition to the new photovoltaic plant, in 2021 work is also being done to improve the lighting management of the Club. The installation of water and electricity consumption meters has been planned, which will allow us to find out how and where the real time cost occurs in order to continue to improve savings and efficiency.

A plan with a trajectory

These measures are in addition to others already carried out previously such as the replacement of the diesel hot water boilers with alternatives that run on 100% renewable electricity and the acquisition of electric vehicles to remove CO2 emissions in the internal transportation of Club staff.

The new meteorological service of the Club is now available, which you will be able to consult from the website and on the touch tablets you will find in the Club’s offices. This service now has two webcams that allow you to check the state of the sea live from two locations.

In addition, a new graphics panel has been installed that allows you to check the evolution of the weather with extended information on the direction and strength of the wind, the temperature or the atmospheric pressure, among others. It also includes a weather forecast of up to seven days so that you can plan your outings with the best guarantee of success.

Check the new meteorology section of the Club before you go sailing and if you have any questions, contact the Club’s offices!

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