New services for short stayers

  • 30/July/2021
  • Category: Port

Holidays at the Club are to forget about our worries and enjoy quality time sailing in the fantastic surroundings of l’Escala. That is why if you rent your mooring at the Club you will have all the services you need for your comfort.

Discover all the novelties!

Knowing the state of the sea and the wind before going sailing is key to enjoy a safe and pleasant trip. We make it easy for you: Check the Club’s meteorology service!

What’s new:

    • Two webcams available to check the state of the sea in Empúries live from two points of view.
    • Its new panel of graphs will allow you to consult the evolution of the weather with expanded information on the direction and intensity of the wind, temperature or atmospheric pressure, among others.
    • The panel also offers a weather forecast of up to seven days so that you can plan your outings with the maximum security.

Where can you check it?

If you have any questions, contact the Club’s offices!

Download the Nauticescala application for mobile devices and get everything you need from the Club from your phone or tablet.

What does it offer you?

    • Moorings and nautical activities booking.
    • Invoice consultation
    • Documents and contracts online signing.
    • Virtual membership card.

Make your download through the following links:

Are you spending your holidays at the port and need transport to get around l’Escala? Do you need a lift to your mooring or to the offices?

We can help you get around!

The fuel service is available 24 hours a day thanks to the self-service credit card system.

If however, you would like to have the assistance of the marine staff, you will be able to.

What news do you want to see:

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Vent: 223 SW 12.1Kts, 22.3 Max