New sports sections

  • 18/February/2021
  • Category: Sports

2021 is the year of the sports sections of the Club! We are expanding and improving our range of existing services and creating new ones, so you can share experiences, learn and teach…

Discover them!

  1. Cruise sailing – Modalities: cruising.
  2. Fishing – Modalitites: from the boat and from a kayak.
  3. Dinghy sailing– Modalities: single, double and collective boats.
  4. Rowing – NOVELTY! – Modalities: kayak, coastal rowing and Stand Up Paddle.
  5. Diving activities – NOVELTY! – Modalities: snorkel, scuba diving and underwater photography from a boat. A whole world under water is waiting for you.
    • Regular meetings
    • Thematic conferences
    • Training courses
    • Exhibitions
    • Events: contests, regattas…

Checking the activities available in your preferred modality is very easy:

  1. Access the Agenda section on the Club’s web
  2. Choose your sport
  3. Select it, book it and enjoy it!

Each of the activities has a contact Whatsapp group which will keep you informed of the planned activities.

Contact the Club’s Sports Area and we will help you!

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