Regulation of activities in the Montgrí Natural Park

  • 18/February/2021
  • Category: Environment

During the month of December, Raimon Roca, the Club’s Managing Director, and Ariadna Armas, in charge of the environment department of the Club, have taken part in the Days for the Transformation of the Coastal Management of the Montgrí, the Medes Islands and the Baix Ter Natural Park.

Optimising the management and regulation of anchoring and use of buoys, as well as the improved awareness and communication are two of the highlighted agreements that were reached by the participating members.

Co-management project

Aimed at companies and entities that make use of the marine environment of the nature reserve, the objective of these sessions is to decide between everyone how to manage the area in the future.

In this sense, we need to recognise that we all want to continue enjoying the Montgrí Natural Park as we have until now, taking into account the conservation of the wealth and biodiversity of this space.  As a result of these meetings, the task will continue through various working groups aimed at developing the project.  We hope to update you with more news as soon as possible.

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