The facilities are ready

  • 6/March/2021
  • Category: Port

You will find all the facilities at the Club have been reviewed and are ready so that going out to sail or to enjoy a good walk is very simple and convenient. We keep on working for you!

Would you like to find out what we have been doing recently so that you can already enjoy our facilities?

Renovated docks and walkways

During the last few months the Club’s team has checked the floating walkways and the underwater mooring systems.  They have also been repairing the A, G, H and K docks. We will shortly have new platforms for the jet skis.  Although the safety of your boat is essential, we also want you to enjoy it in the easiest way possible.

Renewable energies

The Club has got a new photovoltaic plant that is being installed above the Administrative Headquarters.  This way, we will make the most of solar energy, rely less on non-renewable sources of energy and move towards better energy sustainability.

Renovated waiting dock and relocation of the Recycling Point

The Recycling Point in the waiting dock has been transferred to the side of the access road to the Club.  This will make it much easier to use.  The place where was before will be converted into a new public use area with benches and a landscaped garden area you can enjoy when you are walking around the port.

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