The latest update concerning anchoring at the Montgrí Natural Park as well as Cargol Island in l’Escala

  • 20/July/2020
  • Category: Environment

This year you will find a free buoy field in the Cargol area and a new mooring regulation in the Natural Park area. Would you like to find out more?

Field of fee paying buoys at the Medes Islands

In this area you will find red or orange and white buoys for private users and in both cases, the mooring can be hired on a one-off or annual basis. Payment can be made on site, on the boat that is destined for the area.

In the case of the annual rental, you should bear in mind that this does not guarantee the use of the buoy, so the use of the mooring will depend on the availability of buoys.

  • Red or orange buoy – boats up to 9 m long:
    • €8 for half a day (from sunrise until 2 pm and from 2 pm until sunset).
    • €102 per year
  • White buoy – boats between 9 and 16 m long:
    • €12 for half a day (from sunrise until 2 pm and from 2 pm until sunset).
    • €122 per year

More information: Montgrí Natural Park, the Medes Islands and the Baix Ter

New buoy field in the Cargol area:

It consists of a total of 17 free of charge buoys, located in the area between Cargol Island and the La Creu beach in l’Escala. At the same time, the Department of Environment of the municipality has launched a campaign to make sailors aware of the importance of protecting posidonia seagrass. It has published an information leaflet, among other measures, that can be consulted at the following link.

  • Blue buoys (lower visual impact) free of charge with signage.
  • Use of anchor prohibited in the buoy area.
  • Buoys available only for boats up to eight metres long.
  • Free anchoring outside the buoy area.

Anchoring is forbidden in Cala Padrosa, Cala Ferriola and Cala Montgó:

The Natural Park has published the new leaflet of marine activities informing that anchoringwith an anchor in areas where there is posidonia in Padrosa, Ferriola and Cala Montgó is forbidden. In this sense, it has marked the areas where there is posidonia with yellow buoys in Cala Montgó, where you will also find a field of payment buoys, and has proceeded to install free ecological mooring buoys in the Padrosa and Ferriola coves.

  • Check the areas where it is prohibited to anchor in the Montgó, Padrosa and Ferriola coves.
  • Opening hours and contact of the Montgó buoy field (8:30 am – 8:30 pm / Tel. 626 22 52 00 – 655 854 108)

The Club is working with the Natural Park and with the various administrations involved with the objective of ensuring that the conservation of the natural environment and the enjoyment of the same by sports boats are compatible, avoiding the banning of a traditional activity in this way.

Please see below the link to the Natural Park website where you can download the new marine activities leaflet with information about anchoring. If you want to send them any comments, you can do so through the following email address:

If you want to request more information or report a recklessness, contact the Forest Guard on the phone 972 405 340.

And remember! Enjoy your natural surroundings by sailing responsibly: check our recommendations at the following link.

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